Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lana's third birthday is coming up! Since she is obsessed with all things octopus my husband and I decided to have an ocean-themed party this year. What better way to deliver her birthday invitations than with these adorable socktopuses I pinned on Pinterest? Since we are having our first kid party this year (and that means only five kid guests since we are still in the non-schooling years) I thought it would be fun for Lana to hand deliver her invitations. Very excited to get some pictures of her delivering these to her little friends :)

Socktopus Invitations
Old Cheap (Clean) Tights
Googly Eyes
Hot Glue Gun

Cut legs off tights. Fill end with batting. Tie end off with yarn. Trim yarn. Cut eights legs from tight leg. Attach googly eyes with hot glue gun. Attach invite and deliver to guest! Capture the smiles on camera for the birthday scrapbook :)

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