Friday, August 10, 2012

Cookie Sheet Alphabets and Sponge Blocks

Lana will be three in less than a month! The inevitable is here - the need for preschool touring has arrived! Lana was born in that oh so terrible time for the schooling years (first week of September). Should we start her early? Should we start her late? Either way it is time to start prepping her for pre-K. Lana knows her alphabet pretty well.... at least the upper case set. But she needs some more practice so I made her this letter recognition board. Just took a cookie sheet from the dollar store, attached some scrapbooking letters to it and ta-da! We can practice our letters. And to make it even better....

We put the lower-case letters on the back to practice. Break out the magnetic alphabet letters and let the alphabet practicing commence :)

While I was at the dollar store, I also picked up some sponges to make some "sponge blocks" for Lana to play with. Take regular sponges, cut in half, cut in half again and you have little log sponges to build with. Lana decided they looked like carrot sticks. She then proceeded to calling my husband and I her "donkeys" and "fed" us the carrots. She really loved them. So cheap and easy but with so many possibilities!

Here she is "feeding" mommy the sponges. I'm definitely going to need to get a few more packs so we have enough to build little houses for her princess figurines!

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