Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kitchen Table Fort

So I originally got this idea from the book Play Unplugged but I have seen a lot of fancy editions of it on Pinterest so I thought I would blog it. What does one kitchen table + old comforters + beach towels make? A killer hideaway fort for your toddler! Plus it leaves the top of the table free for mommies to organize things while their child plays :)

I just draped some old comforters around three sides of the table and used beach towels to make a "door" that wouldn't pull everything down when your munchkin goes in and out. I put another comforter on the inside to cushion the floor and then let Lana pile in all her pillows, mini blankets and stuffed animals. She loved it! Thinking about doing this again but with the sofas back to back and spread apart for a fort with two entrances! Or an entrance and an exit....

Lana even had her twilight turtle in their for a little light show. Great way to be able to use it without having to wait for it to be dark enough in the house.

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